In this video DJANI and I test out fulfilling your requests for us to be more interactive! This is just the basic theory of our thrifting and how to weed out gemz. I'm going to do another segment for the not so popular thrift shops here in NYC and soon throughout the US. Please don't forget to comment like and subscribe for giveaways ++ for helping our breakfast club grow! Read up on Djani's take on her site here!

PS. I had to re-edit this video from scratch! Final Cut Pro X is definitely a journey and it's cool that you all are going to watch my chapter 2 turn into 20 right along with me. Just know these beginning stages be trying the kid! But it's all about pushing through. People want you to fail but let them know, You're Hard To Kill!


I know you are pleased with me, for you have not let my enemies triumph over me. -Psalm 41:11


born in the bronx raiding harlem & your girlfriend is a knock-off me