I love an all girls work ethic, clearly. So here's me gathering the troops for a SHE 2K production. My friend Tarina is amazing and some days I can't believe she is real. Her eye make-up is unmatchable in my eyes. So just know you will be seeing her work VERY often b/c I simply adore it. I came to her with a few ideas and this is first of our series. I never do eye make-up because I'm still learning. Truly I didn't know what colors will show on my dark skin so I paid it. After working with Tarina I'm ecstatic I don't have to compromise my chic-ness while doing vibrant colors. I'm going to try and talk her into doing a Master Class on my YT channel. You can find her work here! Please pressure her to start her own channel!

Now Nyasia . . . another problem. Up until last week of my 26 years of life, HATED headshots. Her work maybe me only want to be shot up close. She shoots how you imagine your inner goddess form to be presented. You can find her flawless work here! Book her for anything from product shots to private shots. You will see me work with her again.


This post means a lot to my progress. I was extremely sad this day. Unknowing that shark week was going to emerge out of my uterus by night, I knew something was off. It rained and I was extremely bloated. A lot of the poses I wanted to do looked like I've been eating my feelings for the past year. The grey atmosphere didn't help. I cried because I put this together to stay productive, but felt as though I wasted everyones time. Hindsight I'm so happy I stuck it through and worked through that sucky feeling of PMS. Shit aint always going to be a piece of cake and frankly I don't want it to be. Ambition is the answer to ALL doubt.

born in the bronx raiding harlem & your girlfriend is a knock-off me