I finally did it,

I finally took the time and delegated expenses to start my YouTube channel back up! After hours of editing and program crashes I thought I'd never get this out. You get so frustrated (if you're editing yourself) especially if you aren't seasoned and in a scheduled groove. I swore I was ready to say fuck a damn channel as many times as my program crashed LOL. I have a new found respect YouTubers, y'all are some g's! It takes definite dedication.

I'm super excited. Expect VLOGS, rants, and routines. Please comment with anything you KNOW you want to see or have me speak on. It feels good to get goals done. This year is about fucking going for it.


Below is my first comeback video, SKIN SERIES! My most requested first video was my everyday basic skin routine. I've decided to do this once a month because I try new things and I feel like a month is a good time frame to know what works and whats wack. 

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